Workshop raises awareness on Brunei culture, heritage

Wani Roslan

The Religious Teachers University College of Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) organised an intensive workshop entitled Tapihan Wira Ilmu KUPU SB at the college’s Ta’lim Hall recently as part of an effort to preserve and expand the Brunei culture and raise awareness on Brunei heritage.

The workshop, organised by Ra’es Office of KUPU SB, was attended by about 40 key officials, academic and non-academic staff. Juruhias Laki-Laki (JHLL) Enterprise representative Haji Mohammad bin Haji Tuah facilitated the workshop.

It aimed to educate the KUPU SB officers and staff on Menapih Sinjang and encourage practical participation and creativity.

The workshop also aimed to expose and provide knowledge on various types of Tapihan Sinjang Brunei and the correct way to wear them.

During a demonstration on ‘Menapih Sinjang’. PHOTO: WANI ROSLAN