Workshop highlights mental health issues faced by students

James Kon

Around 40 heads of schools and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members participated in a two-day workshop that addressed mental health issues of students organised by the Ministry of Health (MoH) through the mental health strategy group under the Health Promotion Centre (HPC), in cooperation with Cluster 3 of the Department of Schools under the Ministry of Education (MoE) recently.

The workshop is one of the activities under the HPC to promote the health of children and youth.

The workshop raised awareness among heads of schools, teachers and parents on mental health, physical growth and emotional development of students, as well as help schools come up with guidelines for issues related to the students’ mental health.

The workshop began with a speech by Head of Cluster 3 and Co-Chairperson Siti Hawa binti Haji Mat Noor.

This was followed by mini forum sessions sharing family members and teachers’ experience, and a briefing on mental health and approach by HPC Scientific Officer Dr Siti Nur Hassanah binti Haji Hasnan.

The second day saw a briefing on ‘Positive Parenting Strategies and Basic Counseling Skills’ by HPC Head of Mental Health Strategy Nor Syahmun binti Haji Matassan, and a discussion on procedures for handling mental health issues.

ABOVE & BELOW: The workshop in progress. PHOTOS: HPC