Workshop highlights fertigation benefits

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

TO EDUCATE farm operators in the country on the fertigation method of crop fertilisation, a workshop entitled Management of Fertigation Crops using 3P (Seeing, Assessment and Understanding) Concept was organised by Zaias Company from September 8 – 9 at the Batumpu Agricultural Development Area.

The workshop, attended by more than 30 people comprising farm operators, agrotech students and members of the public with an interest in fertigation for crop production, was facilitated by a speaker from Jan Agro Fertigation, Perak, Malaysia.

A manager at Zaias Company Haji Asmali bin Haji Mohamad said that the workshop was organised to give the participants the opportunity to learn about the various fertigation methods.

“To implement the fertigation system, one does not require a large area, only a sufficient irrigation system and sunlight. It can be started with just 10, 20 or 30 sets of polybags, meaning that one can start using the system as a side activity at home where the crops can be freshly picked and consumed,” said Haji Asmali.

Workshop facilitator Azizal bin Ahmad meanwhile noted that every part in the fertigation system management process needs proper attention and skilled implementation.

“This is where the 3P concept comes in,” he said. “3P means, ‘never ignore what we see, assessment needs prior discussion before arriving at a decision, and to understand the results of assessment and discussions before taking action in the fertigation management process.’”

At the end of the workshop, the participants were awarded with course completion certificates.

Participants during the workshop. – HARDY AJ