Workshop helps teachers improve students’ literacy

|     Hakim Hayat     |

PRIVATE school English teachers in the country are undergoing training to guide their students to read better in a workshop hosted by the Private Education Section of the Ministry of Education (MoE).

The ‘Reading A-Z’ workshop, participated by 78 English Language teachers, was held in collaboration with Brunei Private School Leader (JAPSS).

The two-part workshop began with a session to familiarise teachers with ‘guided reading’ and later on ‘running records’.

It was highlighted that guided reading must be consistent, where students must be introduced to a book’s key information such as vocabulary and key phonics .

The workshop also highlighted the use of the ‘Pause, Prompt, Praise’ method or ‘The Three P’s’ which allow teachers to assist students with tricky words while teaching them how to self-monitor and correct themselves while reading.

The first workshop was held yesterday and will continue on February 6 and 16. The workshop is facilitated by Principal of Sports School Matt Letham.

Teachers during the workshop. – MINISTRY OF EDUCATION