Workshop focusses on time management

Kemajuan Insan Association (KESAN) held its second workshop in the ‘Top Student Series’ programme titled Time Management recently.

The workshop focussed on helping higher education students understand the meaning of time management and learn the importance of managing their time using applicable strategies. The strategies include the Eisenhower Matrix and SMART goals which impart the skills of task prioritisation and goal setting in helping students perform their daily tasks more efficiently. Nine participants from various institutions such as Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College, Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College and Kolej IGS attended the workshop, a press release stated.

Workshop trainer Siti Nurul Yaziidah binti Haji Abdul Aziz emphasised the importance of time management by highlighting that “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”.

“Make the best out of your present time because we cannot guarantee that the next time will be ours – be SMART,” she said.

The workshop addressed the issues of procrastination, self-discipline and consistency with regards to time management. “Sometimes, we procrastinate in doing our tasks because we lack clear objectives. This is why it is crucial to do our tasks with well-defined goals in mind,” Siti Nurul Yaziidah said. Throughout the workshop, participants were engaged in activities which enabled them to analyse and apply the theories and skills learned.

Participants also had the opportunity to discuss the common challenges preventing youth from achieving goals as well as the strategies to overcome those challenges.

Participant Nur Fatihah Syamsiah binti Bunyamin identified that the common challenges are procrastination, distraction and anxiety. She said the workshop helped her gain new perspectives on time management such as how to prioritise tasks and how to allot time to decompress to manage anxiety.

Time Management is the second workshop conducted under the Top Student Series that KESAN organised. Two more programmes will be conducted in August and December focussing on revision strategies, stress management and healthy lifestyle.

Participants during the workshop. PHOTO: KESAN