Workshop focusses on critical thinking skills

Izah Azahari

The Brunei-US Association (BUSA) hosted a workshop on ‘Integrating Critical Thinking and Bruneian Culture into Your Personal and Professional Lives’ for 37 participants comprising embassy exchange programme alumni, local entrepreneurs and tertiary level students at Avenue 41 in Kiarong yesterday.

BUSA Executive Member Adrina Agus Din Shannon, who has been an educator for 20 years and is currently teaching at Rimba II Secondary School, led the workshop. She adapted the material from an American English E-Teacher Global online course she completed through the United States (US) Department of State’s Regional English Language Office.

The workshop explored how to use critical thinking techniques for conflict resolution at home and at work, and how awareness of micro cultures and different identities can prevent conflict in different settings.

The workshop was supported by the US Embassy in Brunei Darussalam and is one of the embassy’s initiatives to promote greater understanding of the US by encouraging people-to-people interactions and cross-cultural ties with the sultanate.

At the end of the session, US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Daniel Lee presented certificates to the participants.

BUSA was founded in 2015, during the 30th year of Brunei-US diplomatic relations. Its mission is to support initiatives by Brunei Darussalam and the US in commerce, education, cultural and social exchanges.

Attendees in a group photo. PHOTO: IZAH AZAHARI