Working to realize Zikir Nation aspiration

Lyna Mohamad

In line with the identity of the Omar’ Ali Saifuddien Mosque as the Raudhah al-Zikr, the mosque held a Halaqah Zikir programme as part of continued efforts to realise Brunei Darussalam’s aspirations to be a Zikir Nation.

Government and private sector officers and staff attended the programme. It aimed to make Zikir a daily practice for every employees at both government and private sectors.
It emphasises Islamic values through prayers that sought blessings, success and protection.

Halaqah Zikir was led by Pehin-Pehin Khatib and Mudims as well as officers of the mosque while the contents of the programme included the Sunnat Hajat prayers, recitation of verses of Al-Quran and selected Zikir, Tazkirah and recitation of Doa Khas. The programme is scheduled for the first week of every month.

At yesterday’s session, after the Sunnat Hajat prayer, the recitation of Surah al-Mulk was led by MOAS Mosque Officer Khairul Ariffin bin Haji Yusop. He also recited the Doa Khas at the end of the programme.

A Tazkirah on Adab Berzikir was also conducted.

Officers and staff from government and private sectors reciting Zikir. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD