Work from ‘scratch’ comes to ‘life’

|     Hakim Hayat     |

CREATIVE works of art from six talented Year 13 International Baccalaureate (IB) Art students from International School Brunei (ISB) are being showcased at an exhibition at the school as part of their final year project.

The Year 13 IB Visual Art Exhibition showcases different artworks such as installations and paintings depicting various creative themes imagined by the students, who produced their works on their own from scratch.

Megan Ang Zhi Yi’s art installations revolve around the theme ‘The Calamitous Effect of Our Unequivocal Existence’ and are wholly sourced from recycled trash such as plastic found in beaches.

She said that through her artworks, she wants to raise more awareness on the effects of environmental pollution as well as the subconscious actions people make that creates a chain effect that will eventually affect the environment and living organisms as a whole.

“Beyond us, many other living organisms are affected by our actions. Emphasising that it can never be too late, and although humans themselves don’t notice change immediately, others will,” she said.

The six Year 13 International Baccalaureate (IB) Art Students from International School Brunei (ISB) with ISB IB Diploma Coordinator Jane Snell in a group photo at the art exhibition. – PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT
ABOVE & BELOW: Megan Ang Zhi Yi and Siti Aida binti Haji Zainal Ariffin with their art installations

Song Chaeyeon chose the theme revolving around exploring the notions of nostalgia. With nine different panels to display her artworks to represent life and death, as well as her own interpretation of life and death, the Korean said her artworks are closely linked to her own cultural belief of reincarnation.

Meanwhile, Muhammed Faiz Nabil bin Muhammed Faisal said the inspiration for his artworks derived from his own experiences in his dreams and nightmares, where he intended to show the different sides of dreams – the good which highlights optimism in the world and also the bad.

He said, “In my exhibition I have created my personal remembrance of these good and bad dreams, and have tried to replicate them from memory.

“I remember my dreams by keeping a dream diary to record what has happened as soon as I wake up.”

Nur Liyana Farahiyah binti Abdul Razak’s artworks are based on the theme of distortion with a focus on mental health issues in society, especially on gender stereotypes and inequality.

She said, “I am representing and expressing my thoughts of people that are too afraid to reveal their identity and think that it’s unacceptable to be weird or different. My exhibition aims to trigger discussion and prompt self-reflection.”

Telling her own journey of accepting the loss of a loved one through art, Loo Min Jing’s artworks, meanwhile, depict the process she went through after the tragedy towards the final phase of acceptance.

“The layout of my exhibition is formed as a corridor and the artworks created are developed from black to white to a colourful colour scheme to mimic the journey,” she said.

Siti Aida binti Haji Zainal Ariffin’s artworks centre around the theme ‘Escape from Reality’ based on her personal experience of overcoming challenges throughout life.

She said, “I chose this theme as I feel that everyone will be able to somehow relate it to their personal lives from the past or present, because I believe that everyone has experienced the desire to escape from reality at least once in their lives.”

According to the school’s Head of Art Charlotte Crabtee, the students spent three days to assemble and create their artworks that have been moderated, adding that evaluations are carried out on each artwork for their final year results IB Diploma Coordinator Jane Snell said that opening the exhibition to the student’s parents as well as members of the public will allow them to have greater confidence in public speaking and express their works of art interactively.

The exhibition at ISB’s IB Workroom can be viewed during school hours from Tuesday to Thursday.