Women’s rights in Islam highlighted at Friday sermon

Azlan Othman

In Islam, women are given rights that must be fulfilled and implemented rightfully and properly, Imams said in yesterday’s Friday sermon.

Imams added that women’s rights include: as a daughter to receive a good upbringing and care; proper education and learning; receiving sustenance and all living necessities and voicing opinion over matters that would determine her future; especially in choosing a future husband.

Meanwhile, a wife has the rights and are entitled to a Mahar (dowry), to receive maintenance and martial rights such as living necessities like food, shelter and clothing according to the husbands’ ability. A wife also has the right to determine the future of her marriage through dissolution of marriage where there are wrongdoings specified by the Islamic law or Fasakh (divorce between a couple).

A mother also has the right of appreciation for respect, appreciation and betterment from children. Respect towards the mother is a sign to demand their priceless sacrifice.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8 annually, was ‘Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in the COVID-19 World’ which aimed at recognising women’s contribution in the development of a country.

It also aimed to empower women through leadership programmes and bring awareness to the role of women as leaders in the workplace, and their positions as the heart of the family.

In pre-Islamic era, women were treated disdainfully, not appreciated, their rights to life taken away, oppressed and mistreated without compassion. They also had no rights over themselves and could not receive any inheritance. The birth of a girl was considered a disgrace and was received with disappointment, grief and outrage.

“But after the arrival of Islam, every injustice and violence were eliminated, the status of women as mothers, wives and children were highly elevated and their rights given accordingly. As Muslims, we should emulate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in upholding women. Hence, we must love and protect women and uplift their status as stated in Islam,” they said.