Woman finds tiger in house, tells dispatch: ‘I’m not lying’

HOUSTON (AP) — A woman who called Houston’s non-emergency dispatch line after discovering a tiger inside a cage at an abandoned home told the shocked dispatcher, “I’m not lying.”

The Houston Chronicle obtained a recording of the call after animal rescue workers found the well-fed animal resting on a bed of hay last Monday inside a cage they said could be easily opened.

Police said a group of people looking for a place to hang out happened across the tiger. The woman told the dispatcher, “It’s pretty big.” Authorities said the animal weighed 159 kilogrammes.

Investigators have leads into who owned the tiger but said it may not be the person who owns the property.

The tiger has been moved to an animal sanctuary in Texas. The tiger was nicknamed ‘Tyson’ after the movie The Hangover.

A tiger that was found in a Southeast Houston residence awaits transport to a rescue facility at the BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions building in Houston. – AP