Woman converts to Islam after dreams

Lyna Mohamad & Hakim Hayat

A 30-year-old Filipino woman converted to Islam after mysterious dreams for three consecutive nights last month. The ceremony was held at Gusti bin Gadong’s residence on December 18.

Maria Helsa Carriena Pan Tape said in her first dream, she heard someone calling her by the name Raihan but she could not find identify the person.

The following night, she dreamt she was in church when she heard the same voice again. A sudden flash of light changed the settings and she saw unfamiliar faces in front of her.

The same voice spoke to her on the third night, saying: “Claim to yourself that you are Raihan. You are ready”.

Now known as Raihan Azzahra Tape binti Abdullah, she said she has always been ready to convert to Islam following encouragement from her peers.

“I thank my friend and his family as well as supportive parents for exposing me with all the religious functions and for seeing me not as a different person. My heart found happiness and contentment upon converting,” she said.

“I love Brunei to the point that I can fully adjust to the language, food and regulations,” Raihan Azzahra added.

Raihan Azzahra Tape binti Abdullah recites the Syahadah