With a touch of elegance

Izah Azahari

Rugged yet elegant, the Glory i-Auto is the flagship of the Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) brand of superior yet affordable seven-seater SUV.

TCY Motors, the importer and dealer of the Chinese automotive brand in Brunei, recently launched the Glory i-Auto in the Sultanate and members of the media were invited to a test-drive around the capital.

First unveiled in Indonesia at the 27th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show in July 2019 as a prototype model, the DFSK Glory i-Auto is based on the Chinese market’s facelifted 580, launched in 2018.

In March, DFSK previewed the final production version of the Glory i-Auto which sports the front fascia from the Chinese-market 580 Pro. Unlike the standard 580, the Glory i-Auto features a voice command system named i-Talk.

The Glory i-Auto is powered by a 1.5L petrol engine, four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC with turbocharge and 148hp/220Nm output coupled with a new-gen CVT transmission which definitely offers a smooth ride around the city.

The Dongfeng Sokon Glory i-Auto. PHOTOS: IZAH AZAHARI
DFSK Glory i-Auto is based on a facelifted 580

The media test-drive up the hilly roads of Kota Batu proved the vehicle easy to manoeuvre around sharp turns with, and this is due the DFSK engines meeting strict Euro-4 compliance.

Manufactured in Indonesia, the Glory i-Auto presents comfort, when one enters its spacious interior and experiences the cosiness of its premium leather seats. You can also enjoy the fresh breeze coming through the panoramic sun roof while driving.

Branded as an intelligent SUV, the Glory i-Auto vehicle’s i-Talk voice command system enables over 100 voice-activated functions in English. Forget the hassle of fumbling dials when you get into an i-Auto – drivers can easily activate its features by a button on the multifunction steering wheel or passengers can do the same by simply saying “Hi Glory!” to activate any voice commands. For example, if the weather is too hot, you can call out “Hi Glory! It’s too hot!” to get the air-conditioner to your favoured temperature.

A host of other value-added equipment on the vehicle includes an automatic power tailgate using foot motion when your hands are full after a day of shopping or moving items into the car boot. Give the power tailgate a light kick-motion to automatically open the car’s boot and all that’s left to do is to load your spacious boot with your items.

Moreover, full LED lighting technology, smart touch-screen with smartphone interface and 360-degree parking camera are just some other fun and handy features.

An included smart vehicle recorder is a bonus on the i-Auto that comes standard, negating the need for buyers to spend more money to purchase aftermarket dash cam recorders, providing a plus on safety aspects as it can record road conditions while driving as well as any occurrences, giving peace of mind to owners when needed to provide proof if anything were to happen.

In terms of passenger safety, the i-Auto comes with a host of safety features including ESP for stability, ABS braking system, EBD brake distribution and emergency braking assist, equipped with MacPherson Strut for the front suspension and torsion beam in the rear suspension.

Furthermore, the hill hold control, four frontal airbags and standard disc calliper brakes on all four wheels round off the safety aspects of the i-Auto.

In Brunei, all DFSK models are covered by a three-year or 60,000-Kilometre warranty.

To learn more about the Glory i-Auto, visit TCY Motors’ Kiarong showroom for viewing and test drive.