Wildfire near the Greek city of Corinth

ATHENS (AFP) – A pine forest wildfire fanned by strong winds near the southern Greek city of Corinth forced the evacuation of homes, holiday camps and a centre for people with disabilities on Wednesday, the ANA news agency reported.

Some 180 firefighters were fighting the blaze by early evening, with the help of six planes and eight helicopters before they halted their efforts for the night.

The wildfire “may not have an active front anymore, but the fire continues to burn in several dispersed pockets along a wide perimeter,” fire brigade spokesman Vassilis Vathrakogianniso told ANA.

The authorities evacuated the area around the town of Athikia as well as three children’s holiday camps and the centre for people with disabilities, which were in the path of the fire.
Another blaze, on the island of Crete had been partially brought under control, but strong winds were also hampering the efforts of firefighters.

Summer fires are frequent in Greece, with temperatures regularly over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

In July 2018 a fire left 102 people dead in the worst such tragedy in modern Greek history, in Mati, a coastal resort northeast of Athens.

Fire burns near the village of Galataki as authorities evacuate the place near Corinth, Greece. PHOTO: AP