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Wild horse in NC to be domesticated after tourists took it

HARKERS ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA (AP) – A newborn wild horse will be raised as a domesticated animal after well-meaning tourists took it with them as they left a North Carolina barrier island, officials at a national park said.

The foal followed a group of visitors on Shackleford Banks for two hours on March 26 with no other horses around, according to a recent news release from the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

When the visitors moved their boat to leave the island, the young horse tried to follow them. The park said the group was worried that the newborn would drown, so they lifted it into their boat and left.

The tourists were cited for removing the horse, and the park said it’s working with them to assist with future educational opportunities and community service projects that will benefit the banks and its horses.

Dr Sue Stuska, the park’s wildlife biologist, said in the news release that young horses will follow other horses or even people when separated from their mothers.