Wigo Weekend Drive beckons

Lyna Mohamad

Over 50 potential customers have signed up for the ‘Wigo Weekend Drive’ hosted by Toyota Brunei over the weekend. The three-day test-drive ends today.

The event is hosted by the Bunut showroom from 9am to 3pm. Test drive participants are rewarded with vouchers from local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Pais C-Haji and Aming Gunawan.

They are also given goodie bags and Toyota merchandise. Toyota Brunei recently launched its refreshed, new look of Toyota Wigo. The test drive allows the public to experience the practical, stylish and convenience of the new Wigo.

The ‘Wigo Weekend Drive’ aims to educate the public on the Wigo campaign, which incorporates the local lifestyle, food and culture, while covering all the right components – Quality, Durability, and Stability.

Members of the public can drop by the Bunut showroom to get behind the wheel of the new Wigo.

Customers and an NBT staff after the test drive. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR