What happened to the sewing course?

I would like to call on vocational schools to consider reintroducing the sewing course that had been a gift to the underprivileged looking to acquire skills that may lead to extra income.

A few years ago, the course in question was offered to locals at BND10 per year. Students could opt for a year-long programme without certification or three-year programme that came with a certificate.

I’m quite confused as to why the course was halted, as it has brought benefits to single mothers and women from less-fortunate homes. While there remains a course on sewing, the newer version is far more expensive, at BND5 per hour. Instead of a 12-month programme, it now comprises 15 to 18 hour-long classes, which in my opinion is too short to gain sufficient knowledge to become a seamstress or a tailor.

If the eradication of poverty is a national goal, perhaps the authorities could try and safeguard training programmes that actually provide lasting skills to the students.

Single Mum