Webinar highlights Arabic language

Rokiah Mahmud

Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) through the Faculty of Arabic Language in collaboration with six institutions organised an international webinar at the university recently.

The webinar focussed on the scope of ‘Institutional Experience in Teaching Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers Remotely’ organised in conjunction with the World Arabic Language Day 2020.

Among the six institutions involved were Rabitah International Al-Azhar Alumni Brunei branch, Saudi Electronic University (Saudi Arabia); Tokyo University (Japan); Prince Songkhla University (Thailand); Al-Madinah International University (Malaysia) and Mindanao State University (the Philippines).

UNISSA Assistant Rector (Academic) Professor Dr Siti Sara binti Haji Ahmad, who is also Dean of Faculty of Arabic language, said the objectives of the international webinar were to set up a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge, experience and initiatives been undertaken by university associations in the field of Arabic language teaching for non-native speakers remotely; to explore best practices to strengthen the teaching of Arabic language; to unite a team of experts in teaching Arabic language as a second language beneficial to supervising, research, publication.

Six speakers delivered presentations according to their institutional experience. Associate Professor Dr Siti Sara who is also Vice-Ra’es II for Rabitah International Al-Azhar Alumni Brunei branch represented Brunei Darussalam; Professor Dr Abdulmohsen Aloqaili represented Saudi Arabia; Dr Salah Medani Mohamed represented Tokyo; Professor Dr Daud Abdul Qadir Elega presented on behalf of Malaysia; Dr Rushdi Tahir for Thailand and Dr Anwar M Radiamoda for the Philippines. The moderator was Assistant Professor and Deputy Dean of UNISSA Faculty of Arabic Language Dr Salah Sebouai.

The online webinar invited a number of representatives from Arabic schools in the country to follow the session that was broadcast live.

UNISSA Rector Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal was the guest of honour.