Webinar focusses on global market impact of US elections

Baiduri Capital held a webinar focussed on effects of the recently concluded United States (US) Presidential Elections and its impact on the international markets.

The webinar titled ‘The US Election Outcome and Its Impact on the Global Markets’ was conducted by Sun Wan Xin from Phillip Securities, who specialises in the Hong Kong market.

As the US is the world’s largest economy, the US Presidential Elections can greatly affect the performance of the US stock market due to the political uncertainties and market expectations, a press release stated.

The webinar took an in-depth look at the outcomes of this year’s elections and assessed how the new president will be looking to introduce policies that will impact the country’s corporate tax. These new policies will greatly impact a range of sectors in the US, especially in the Technology Industry. Wan Xin also paid special attention to how the introduction of these policies could affect the relationship between the US and its biggest trade partner China.

Baiduri Capital General Manager Peng Eng Soon said, “With the recent conclusion of the US Elections, it will be interesting to see how the global market will be affected.

“This is a rare opportunity to have an in-depth look at the global stock market at a very crucial time, and as part of our efforts to constantly educate our customers, we wanted to hold this seminar to equip our investors with a more global perspective as well as enhance their knowledge on regional and international market trends through a real life scenario.”