Wearing of ribbon bar: I follow MACC regulations, says Latheefa

PUTRAJAYA (Bernama) – The ribbon bar worn by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Latheefa Koya on her uniform is based on a Standing Order of the MACC Chief Commissioner, Chapter A (Policy) No 1 of 2012.

She said the standing order requires a Chief Commissioner by virtue of his/her position to wear a certain number of ribbon bars.

“Although, basically, it is correct and acceptable, there were some minor discrepancies in the ribbon bars, which have since been rectified.

“The ribbon bar should not be confused with medals or honorary titles awarded from the palaces,” she said in a statement in response to questions raised by a certain parties over details on her uniform as the MACC chief commissioner.

Latheefa said the details on her uniform are rank badges which she is required to wear based on the standing order.

“I thank those who showed keen interest for my uniform. Frankly, I admit, I’m learning about the ranking badges, ribbon bar and uniform.

“My immediate priority since taking office has been about serious corruption cases and not details of my uniform,” she added.