We would need 110 people to start a new civilisation on Mars, scientists say

INSIDER – Sick of the going ons down here on Earth? You’re not alone. Good news though; it might not take as many people to start a brand new life in outer space as it has been previously thought. Scientists have crunched the numbers and discovered that just 110 people are required to build a self-sustaining colony on Mars. A review by Professor Jean-Marc Salotti at the Bordeaux Institut Nationwide Polytechnique in France used a mathematical model to calculate just how many people would be needed in order to create a society that could continue to produce the resources and commodities necessary to live. It turned out, the answer was: 110.

As Salotti explained, the model is based on a calculation involving available time of settlers and the time needed to set up vital structures necessary for survival. The findings are based mostly on the comparison among the time necessities to put into action all sorts of human routines for lengthy phrase survival and the readily available time of the settlers. In Salotti’s projection, settlers would live in an oxygen-filled glass dome and focus on agricultural projects that would help them sustain the community. The study also takes into account extreme situations, such as being cut off from Earth in the event of war, or if the colony decide to become an independent alien republic.