We need to change our view on wild animals

I’m writing in response to the news article on ‘Wild animals a nightmare for farmers’, published in the Bulletin on July 19.

While I sympathise with the farmers regarding their produce getting destroyed by wild animals, setting up fences to keep them at bay is a temporary solution to a very deep-rooted problem.

Worse is the laying down of traps. Even if the intention is to keep them from getting to the plants, you still risk injuring the animals.

As the country continues to advance, deforestation is inevitable. However, I believe there should be a policy in place to ensure these wild animals are relocated before removing their habitat for development.

A pangolin recently appeared at my house compound in the middle of night. There were dogs in the neighbourhood, so I placed it in a cat carrier to keep it from harm’s way. When the next morning came, I called the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department to have it taken away.

The more important question we need to ask is: why would a wild animal go to a residential area in the first place?

Often, we would like to see these animals as pests; but really, we are the ones who are encroaching on their habitat. We destroy their homes and their food sources. As such, we should be willing to bear the responsibility of relocating them to a place where they can flourish.

Sadly, there are a lot of people in the country who prefer to see wild animals as enemies that are out there to destroy our way of life.

I think this erroneous worldview has to end.

Cat Lover