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‘We ensure employment standards are upheld’: Labour Dept

In reference to the letter, ‘Call for end to mistreatment of foreign workers’, published in the Opinion page on June 26, 2024, the Labour Department would like to thank the writer for their contribution.

The Employment Order, 2009 was introduced to govern the terms and conditions of employment for all individuals working under a contract of service. It sets minimum employment standards, including regulations on working hours, accommodation, wages and rest days. These terms, outlined in the contract of service, were agreed upon by both parties. Therefore, any disputes or mistreatment faced by the employee should be reported to the Labour Department by contacting its enforcement division via email at led.buruh.gov.bn or by calling 2381848 during working hours or 7298989 after working hours. Information is also available on the department’s website at www.labour.gov.bn.

Under Section 147 of the Order, the Labour Department may impose a compound fine of up to BND1,000 per offence for any violations committed by the employer.

Additionally, if the employer is found guilty of these violations, they may face prosecution, resulting in a fine of up to BND3,000, imprisonment of up to a year, or both.

These violations include employing an immigrant without a licence from the Commissioner of Labour, violating the terms and conditions of the employee recruitment licence, failing to provide a written contract of service, and failing to provide first-aid equipment.

The Labour Department is actively conducting awareness campaigns and workplace inspections. We also encourage all workers under contract to seek advice, make enquiries or lodge any labour-related complaints with our Labour Enforcement Division.

Labour Department
Ministry of Home Affairs