We are committed to improving our services: Postal Services Department

The Brunei Postal Services Department (BPSD) under the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications would like to refer to the letter, ‘Glitches in QueUp app?’, published in the Opinion page of the Bulletin on October 16.

The BPSD would like to thank the writer, Eager Parcel Collector, for highlighting the issue on booking slots for parcel pick-up through the QueUp app. We admit that it is a valid issue and recognise that there is always room for improvement while we carry out our business continuity plan during the current COVID-19 situation.

The department has more than double the slots for QueUp app parcel collection at the Mail and Processing Centre (MPC) from 66 to 150 slots per day. During pre-COVID days, the BPSD could cater up to 200 walk-in customers per day. The use of QueUp is also to provide convenience to the public through the management and control of customers, who can wait for their turn at the MPC lobby area.

Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor the situation and are committed to ensuring improvement to our services, while making certain that our customers and staff are safe, which is in line with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health in reducing COVID-19 transmission.

The BPSD would also like to apologise and thank the customers for their patience in these trying times.

From January to September this year, the BPSD processed more than 202,886 small packets and parcels and EMS Speedpost, out of which 52 per cent were green-labelled items that were delivered straight to the homes. Two per cent of EMS Speedpost items were also delivered straight to the door.

On the other hand, there were 46 per cent of small packets and parcels that were red-labelled. These items required further processing by relevant agencies, thus needed to be collected at designated post office branches.

Between January and the middle of August, there were more than 70,047 red-labelled small packets and parcels collected at all post office branches.

As a matter of fact, since the second wave of COVID-19 in the country in August, 8,531 out of 16,920 red-labelled small packets and parcels have been collected at the MPC alone.

For information, the public can visit the BPSD website at www.post.gov.bn; or download BruTrack mobile application via Apple App Store or Google Play Store; or contact the Customer Service Centre at 2380481 or 8711002 (WhatsApp) during office hours; or email to cscpost@post.gov.bn.

Brunei Postal Services Department, Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications