Water supply restored

Azlan Othman

The Public Works Department (JKR) under the Ministry of Development (MoD) yesterday announced that repairs to a major pipeline in Jalan Gadong were completed at noon yesterday.

Several areas experienced an interruption in water services last Tuesday due to emergency work being carried out on the pipeline.

However, JKR said that the restoration of the water supply is gradual, depending on the geographical location and altitude of the premises. Several areas will experience low pressure or a disruption in the water supply, before services are restored to normal.

The affected areas include RPN Kampong Lugu, the entire locality of Bandar Seri Begawan, Kampong Ayer, Kampong Subok, Kampong Lumapas, The Empire Brunei, The Airport Mall, Serusop commercial centre, Mukim Gadong ‘A’ and ‘B’, Mukim Pengkalan Batu, Mukim Kilanas, and Mukim Berakas ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Members of the public are advised to reduce their water usage and to contact the Darussalam hotline at 123 for a supply of clean water through tankers, although the service is limited.