Water supply disruptions in Kilanas, Sengkurong today

Disruptions to the water supply due to installation of three outlet pipes and the replacement of an outlet valve in the Kilanas tank can be expected today from 9am to 3pm, said the Public Works Department.

The department said areas concerned include Kampong Bunut, Kampong Madewa, Kampong Bengkurong, Ban Mulaut area, Kampong Mulaut and its surroundings, parts of Kampong Tanjung Bunut, Kampong Dadap, parts of Kampong Sengkurong, Kampong Pasai, Kampong Tanjong Nangka and its surrounding.

The department called on the cooperation of all parties to be frugal in water consumption as well as contact Darussalam Line at 123 for clean water supply through tankers or for any complaints regarding water supply.