Water purifier installed

|     James Kon     |

CUCKOO International (B) Sdn Bhd installed its latest model water purifier, the Cuckoo Queen Stand, at Brunei’s Fitness Zone in Kiulap yesterday.

Prior to the launch, a signing ceremony took place for Cuckoo International (B) Sdn Bhd to become the official water provider for Fitness Zone.

Signing on behalf of Fitness Zone was its Managing Director and Brunei’s superstar Wu Chun, while signing for Cuckoo International (B) Sdn Bhd was its Managing Director Wong Kim Guan.

Following the signing ceremony, Wu Chun, Wong Kim Guan and Marketing Director of Cuckoo International Brunei Wong Hui Ting cut the ribbon for the launching of the Cuckoo Queen Stand.

In a statement, Wu Chun said, “Fitness Zone is glad to partner with Cuckoo, as I would like our members to benefit from drinking quality water. We at Fitness Zone have always aimed to provide the best for our customers.”

He added, “Water is essential and can do wonders, not only for our health and body, but also for our environment and the rest of the world. I, myself, am an advocate of drinking lots of fluids. Not only does it keep me hydrated, it also flushes away toxins and helps to maintain the youthfulness of my skin.”

The newly-launched Cuckoo Queen Stand – which is now available to Fitness Zone members – is also designed to cater for larger capacities, families and offices, as it has the biggest stainless steel water tank in a water purifier.

Wong Kim Guan said, “We realised that there has been a demand for water purifiers with a larger tank capacity, especially in commercial areas. The Cuckoo Queen Stand is designed to deliver both in terms of quality and quantity.”

Fitness Zone Managing Director and Brunei’s superstar Wu Chun and Cuckoo International (B) Sdn Bhd Managing Director Wong Kim Guan in a group photo with Fitness Zone and Cuckoo staff. – JAMES KON