Warder jailed for taking bribe

|     Fadley Faisal     |

A PRISON warder was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment yesterday, for letting a prisoner use his personal phone in exchange for a reward.

Warder 543 Norizam bin Hidup was convicted after trial on the charge of receiving a bribe of BND295.62 from the family of an imprisoned Sri Lankan national, as a reward for allowing the prisoner to use his mobile phone and communicate with another person outside the prison, in 2015.

Warder 543 Norizam was also convicted of a charge of misusing his official position in committing the offence.

The defendant received the money on August 21, 2015, through a Western Union agent location in the capital.

The defendant pleaded guilty to three counts of committing a disciplinary offence by bringing a prohibited article in the form of a personal mobile phone into the prison, in August 2015.

Senior Magistrate Azrimah binti Haji Abdul Rahman said that the defendant deserved a custodial sentence as a punishment and to deter potential offenders.

“(This is) meant to restore the faith that the Prisons Department is crime-and corruption-free,” she said, adding that the prison is an important and integral part of the criminal justice system which plays a crucial role in upholding justice.

The prisoner Pathmanathan Jegan was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment in 2017 after he pleaded guilty to bribing Norizam and the charge of graft.

The Public Prosecutor was represented by Deputy Public Prosecutor Anifa Rafiza binti Abdul Ghani, while Norizam was defended by lawyer Sheikh Noordin bin Sheikh Mohammad.