Wandering emu lassoed in California neighbourhood

UPI – Police in California said an emu spotted wandering loose through a residential neighbourhood was lassoed with the help of an animal services officer.

The Pleasanton Police Department said Animal Services officer Frankie Ayers and community service officer Amy Martin responded to the report of the large, flightless bird running loose in the Preserve neighbourhood in west Pleasanton.

“This was called in by several residents, as the emu was sitting in the front yard of a residence off of Blessing Drive,” Pleasanton police Lieutenant Kurt Schlehuber told the Pleasanton Weekly.

Ayers and Martin, who both had animal-wrangling experience from growing up on farms, were able to lasso the flightless Australian bird and take it to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office’s animal shelter, where it was reunited with its owner.

An emu spotted wandering loose through a residential neighbourhood in Pleasanton, California, was lassoed by an animal services officer and a community services officer who both grew up on farms. PHOTO: PLEASANTON POLICE DEPARTMENT