Wall art at YSHHB Secondary School

|     Sarah Umaimah Mohammad, Nur Adriana Kamalia binti Ahmad Zulkarnain & Aqilah Syukrina binti Na`Ain, Year 9 Arts1     |

YAYASAN Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) Secondary School Art teacher Naafi’ah and students from Years 9 and 10 Art classes painted a Japanese-styled sea and landscape scene beneath the art room window facing the courtyard.

Teacher Naafi’ah worked alongside Year 10 students Rasyiqah and Batrisyiah who began the project on November 15. They sketched the outline cartoon for the landscape mural on the art room wall.

“We began painting on November 19 and hope to have the mural done by the end of the school year,” teacher Naafi’ah explained.

The mural was painted using acrylic (water-based) paint that is waterproof.

The bright, colourful scene Teacher Naafi’ah and her protégés have chosen depicts three vertical layers.

At the bottom is a sea crowded with colourful kite-like fish swimming in stylised waves.

Next, a shore and landscape with buildings and vegetation are depicted.

The final layer at the top is a clouded sky with a bright orange sun to the extreme right.

“The mural will run the length of the art room’s courtyard wall below the windows. We think it might spark an inter-department art competition.

“Other departments with subject rooms facing the courtyard might now consider designing and painting their own subject murals,” teacher Naafi’ah said.

Either way, teacher Naafi’ah and her students have laid down a challenge to enliven the campus.

Teacher Naafi’ah and Year 9 Arts 1 muralists – Nur Adriana Kamalia binti Ahmad Zulkarnain, Nur Ellisha binti Mohammad Daliz, Sarah Umaimah binti Mohammad, and Fatimah Al-Audadi binti Abdullah