Viral video shows normal rainfall: BDMD

The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD) clarified that a viral video circulating on social media of a graphic animation of rainfall forecast from December 20-30 in the Southeast Asian region shows the accumulation of rainfall for the period of 24 hours, three days, five days and 10 days.

The rainfall amount shown is considered normal for the wet season (Northeast Monsoon) being experienced in the region.

The Sultanate is currently in the wet season where unsettled weather is normal with occasional heavy showers especially from night until early morning. Active weather is expected to run from December 25-31.

The department advised the public to not be alarmed and instead follow official weather information issued by BDMD.

The department will continue to monitor the weather conditions and issue advisories and warnings when necessary.

The department urged the public not to easily trust and be misled by unconfirmed information circulating through social media without authenticating its validity.

The latest weather information, advisories and warnings can be accessed through BDMD mobile app, Brunei WX. Latest weather information can also be obtained by contacting the duty meteorological forecaster at Weather Line 114 or by visiting