Viral photo of collapsed ceiling not true

James Kon

The Housing Development Department under the Ministry of Development yesterday debunked a fake image that went viral on social media and WhatsApp of a collapsed ceiling in a bedroom which allegedly took place at a house in the RPN Kampong Panchor Mengkubau.

The actual incident had taken place at Greater Noida, India this May. The Housing Development Department urged the public not to spread viral messages without verifying the information first. Public cooperation is needed to ensure that only accurate information is shared from official sources.

The department also reminded the public that it is an offence under the Public Order Act, Chapter 148 of Section 34 to spread false information in writing, orally or by any other means which is likely to cause public panic and is punishable by a three year jail term and or a fine of up to BND3,000.

Members of the public can contact the Community Development and the Public Relation Unit at 2382145 ext 7013/ 7014 or email through [email protected] as well as log on to official website of the Housing Development Department at to ensure the authenticity of the information.