Viral message on coronavirus in Sultanate not true

Rokiah Mahmud

The Ministry of Health yesterday stated that the information which went viral on social media about a local testing positive for novel coronavirus in Bruneiwas false.

A message on Twitter from the username ‘Angula’ claimed a Bruneian who had returned from the People’s Republic of China after celebrating Chinese New Year was affected by the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health urged the public not to panic as the news was false, stated to always check information spread on social media.

The public was also reminded to not share information that had not been verified by the Ministry of Health.

Spreading false news is an offence under the Public Order Act, Chapter 148, Section 34 which can lead to three months’ imprisonment or a BND3,000 fine.

The public can check the Ministry of Health website on or contact the Health Advise Line at 2381380 or 2381383 or Darussalam line 123 for information.