Vietnam to place five-year driving ban on cheating drivers

HANOI (Xinhua) – Vietnam will impose a five-year driving ban on drivers who try to cheat in driving tests or buy fake driving licences, starting from September this year, local media reported on Wednesday.

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security are planning a crackdown on those selling counterfeit driving licences or provide audiovisual telecommunication equipment to illegally help drivers pass the tests, daily newspaper Vietnam News reported.

This month, the directorate will complete the data connection with the Traffic Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security to track information of granting licenses and of drivers.

There are many offers of fake driving licences and health examination certificates online. The illegal activities have been busier especially since the directorate decided to increase the number of test questions to 600 from 450, daily newspaper Lao Dong reported.