Vietnam faces cybersecurity threats

HANOI (Bernama) – Vietnam continues to be one of the countries with the highest number of detected online infections, Vietnam News Agency reported.

The cybersecurity threat landscape has become more sophisticated in the age of digital revolution. Vietnam is significantly affected by complicated and rapid changes of cybersecurity amid the rise of Industry 4.0.

According to a report from Kaspersky Lab, the country ranked first by percentage in the top 20 countries with ICS (Internet connection sharing) computers attacked in the first half of last year.

Moreover, based on real-time detections, it was among the three most infected countries.

Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, has underlined the need for public and private cooperation to build a resilient cybersecurity defence for the country, and has vowed to provide its expertise and holistic solutions to reinforce the government’s commendable and consistent steps to safeguard the nation against damaging online attacks.

General Manager at Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia Yeo Siang Tiong said, “As society today depends more on information and communications technologies, cyberthreats will clearly continue to proliferate and evolve. We at Kaspersky Lab believe that increased cooperation to protect cyberspace is now more crucial than ever.