Vietnam approves programme for domestic vaccines development

HANOI (VIET NAM NEWS) – Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đuc Đam approved a national science-technology programme for promoting studies and production of human vaccines by 2030.

The programme aims to clear the way for Vietnam to master technologies for vaccine production and build capacity of domestic organisations and companies specialised in vaccine research and development, and production to improve its preparedness to potential epidemics in the future.

Under the programme, the production of all domestic vaccines will meet international standards and sufficiently supply the National Expanded Programme on Immunisation. The country also looks forward to exporting its home-grown vaccines.

By 2025, Vietnam is expected to own production technologies of at least 10 vaccines and produce at least three. The figures will reach 15 and five by 2030.

To this end, the programme will improve the legal framework and amend legal documents for the acceleration of development, trial and approval of domestic vaccines.

It will also promote the use of both latest and conventional technologies for producing vaccines against COVID-19, cancers and others.