Videotape: Teen describes killing father, school shooting

ANDERSON, South Carolina (AP) – A teenager charged with killing his father at their home and a first-grader on a school playground said he kissed his bunny Floppy and three dogs goodbye after shooting his father and then headed to the school to resume shooting, according to the boy’s videotaped statement played in court Monday.

The boy, who turned 14 shortly before the September 28, 2016, killings, kissed the pet bunny and dogs after shooting his father three times, he told detectives in the statement recorded hours after the shootings during questioning. He added he then jumped into his father’s truck and drove to nearby Townville Elementary School, where he said he fired at students on the playground.

The videotape was played Monday, the first day of a hearing to decide if the teen is tried as an adult for the killings.

File photo shows Dale Hall, standing before the casket during a superhero-themed funeral service for his brother, Jacob, in Townville. – AP

He faces two counts of murder, among other charges. Prosecutors want him tried as an adult, where he could face decades in prison if convicted. His attorneys want him tried as a juvenile, where he could be held only until his 21st birthday if found guilty.

After the shootings, the teen appears to eagerly answer questions from investigators, describing on videotape how he killed his 47-year-old father before driving three miles to the school.

He could be heard on tape saying he was angry with his father for questioning his spending and homework.

He also said on videotape he put the wrong ammunition in the gun before heading to the school.