Victoria’s parental wish

SINGER-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has revealed she wants her daughter to be “kind”.

The 44-year-old fashion designer – who has Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, and 13-year-old Cruz with husband David Beckham – wants her little girl to understand that treating people well is a much better quality than being the prettiest or smartest person in the room.

Speaking about seven-year-old Harper, she said to Grazia magazine, “I say to Harper all the time, it’s not about who is the prettiest girl in the class, it’s not about who is the smartest girl in the class, it’s about who is the kindest girl in the class.

“And it’s about feeling good about yourself, celebrating that and supporting other women.”

The former Spice Girls singer has always raised her kids in a “pro-female” household.

Asked if she has encouraged her boys to help empower women, she said, “Yes definitely. David and I have always communicated that message with the boys too – it’s always been very important to us.

“It’s always been a very pro-female household, even when we were outnumbered. And now we have two female dogs, we’re evening things out a little.”

While Victoria admitted she can be very “critical” of herself, she has accepted herself and her flaws and just tries to “make the most” of her attributes.

She said, “Working out is a huge part of my life.

“Like most women, I am pretty critical of myself. But I am 44 years old, I’ve got a herd of kids at home, I accept the way that I look and I make the most out of what I’ve got.

“I think that, as women, we should learn to take compliments and be kind to ourselves as well as each other.” – BANG!