Vehicle Monitoring System tested at Sg Tujoh Control Post

|   Daniel Lim   |

THE Royal Malaysia Customs Department began a trial run for its new Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) on June 25, in hopes of cutting travel time across the border between Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia.

Primarily targetted at motorists crossing between Brunei and Miri, the trial run will be conducted over the course of two months at the Sungai Tujoh Control Post until August 26.

According to a Sungai Tujoh Control Post representative, motorists will be required to have their vehicle Quick Response (QR) code scanned when entering and exiting Malaysia.

Currently the trial run is focussing on non-Malaysians, Malaysians holding permanent residency at any foreign country, and Malaysians who hold a valid working permit for any foreign country endorsed in the holder’s passport.

The trial run is only applied for Brunei-registered vehicles entering Malaysia through the Miri border via the Sungai Tujoh Control Post.

To ensure speedier travel across the border, the public is urged to visit to register for the new VMS account before they begin their journey.

Each driver is required to register for one account and can register multiple vehicles under their name if they own multiple vehicles and regularly use them to travel to and from Miri.

Documents such as blue card, car insurance document and passport will need to be presented at the Malaysian customs checkpoint as per usual. Drivers should also re-register their vehicles at to renew their QR code once it expires after three months.

Notice informing of the VMS trial run at Sungai Tujoh Control Post
A QR code scanner used for the Vehicle Monitoring System. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM