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Vast rewards await alms givers, say Imams

Azlan Othman

The rewards bestowed by Allah the Almighty to those who spend property in the name of Allah the Almighty such as giving alms are enormous, Imams said during the Friday sermon yesterday.

“Giving alms either in cash or in whatever form is a noble act that benefits not only the giver but also the receiver.

“Giving charity is one way to assist the poor and needy as well as orphans. Islam is concerned with the well-being of orphans from the guardians to wealth administrator as stated in Al-Quran.”

Imams added, “Hence it is the responsibility of all to be kind and show concern towards orphans, particularly the people entrusted to take care of the orphans. Rewards given to those who are kind to orphans are vast. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated their noble position in heaven to those who look after the orphans.”

Imams said SMS Brunei Prihatin for Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans is also open from December 12, 2021 until June 15, 2022 to facilitate the public to contribute donations via SMS to assist orphans in the country.

“The donations not only lessen the burden of orphans but also create joy and happiness for them. Let us pray that we will receive multiple rewards from Allah the Almighty,” Imams said.


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