Use electricity efficiently and moderately

I STRONGLY believe the government should look into energy saving in a holistic manner.

For instance, I have observed over the years that Brunei Darussalam has over 100 mosques and each one of them would be running their air-conditioners at maximum performance.

This keeps the area abnormally cold, even during heavy downpours.

Congregants and visitors alike cannot withstand the drop in temperature.

Mosque Takmir committee members or the authorities should take note that this requires a great deal of energy (our electricity is supplied by oil and gas, our main natural resources).

There should be an awareness for everyone on saving energy.

If you think about it, this being carried out in a major way could contribute to energy wastage.

We should use our resources efficiently and moderately.

By minimising the use of energy nationwide, we can reduce the usage of our resources and can instead export.

This can create a surplus of income to the country’s revenue stream.

– The Black Gypsy