USD250,000 FK Airport heist: 2nd man arrested

NEW YORK (AP) — A second man has been arrested in the theft of over USD250,000 in cash as it was being transferred to a plane at John F Kennedy International Airport.

Federal prosecutors said Emmanuel Asuquo Okon, of Queens, was arrested over the weekend.

They said Okon is a friend of Quincy Thorpe, the Delta Airlines baggage handler who was arrested at his Brooklyn home last week.

Federal prosecutors said video surveillance showed Thorpe scanning and loading several bags of currency onto a Delta flight bound for Miami, but putting aside one bag and leaving with it. Thorpe said he’s innocent.

Prosecutors said a vehicle owned by Okon’s domestic partner was seen at the airport during the theft at JFK on Tuesday. Okon’s lawyer said the allegations are untrue and “completely circumstantial”.