US peace envoy in Pakistan seeking end to 17-year Afghan war

ISLAMABAD (AP) – Washington’s peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Pakistan on the last leg of his regional tour aimed at finding a negotiated end to Afghanistan’s 17-year war, which will allow American troops to go home, ending Washington’s longest military engagement.

The US Embassy said yesterday that Khalilzad will meet with senior Pakistani officials, without elaborating further.

Khalilzad has accelerated efforts to end the war in Afghanistan since his appointment. On his previous visits he held talks with the Taleban in the Middle East. He has no plans to travel to the Mideast on this tour, but there are reports he may meet the Taleban during his visit to Pakistan.

If a meeting is held, it’s likely Khalilzad will press for direct talks with Kabul, something the Taleban have refused.