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Unsettled weather conditions expected as Brunei enters Southwest monsoon phase

The Sultanate will be transitioning from inter-monsoon phase to Southwest monsoon which is expected to start around the final week of this month, Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD) said in a statement.

Typically, the Southwest monsoon will persist until September. During Southwest monsoon, atmospheric conditions tend to be quite stable with minimal thundershowers occurrences.

The wind condition generally will be blowing from the Southwest direction during this period.

The Southwest monsoon is also synonym with the season of active development of tropical storm and typhoon systems over the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.

Brunei’s weather could be influenced by the presence of these tropical storm or typhoon systems.

However, it depends on the distance of their locations.

The influence of tropical storm or typhoon systems nearby the region may bring about the development of squall line phenomena which will cause the Sultanate to experience unsettled weather conditions with thunderstorms and occasional gusty winds.

A squall line is fast-moving cells of thunderstorms in a long, narrow line formation. Meanwhile in August, Brunei usually will experience hazy conditions due to dry weather across the region.

According to climatological data, the normal rainfall amount recorded at Meteorological Observation Station at Brunei International Airport for June, July, August and September are 237.7 millimeters (mm), 241.8mm 231.5mm and 235.1mm.

However, with reference to several international climate models, rainfall amount for Brunei for June and July are expected to be at normal range which is between 190mm to 240mm, whereas for August and September will be at slightly below normal range which is between 140mm to 190mm.

BDMD will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisories or warnings if necessary.

The public can access latest weather information, advisories and warnings through BDMD mobile app, Brunei WX.

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