Unsettled weather affecting water supply

Fadley Faisal

Kampong Subok is currently experiencing disruptions to the water supply due to the Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant not being able to produce ample clean water as a result of the weather flooding the reservoirs, thus affecting the water quality, said the Public Works Department (JKR) in a statement yesterday.

The main tank in Kiarong is holding a low water level disrupting its distribution to other tanks, especially Subok which is at the end of the distribution circuit, the agency added.

However, the public is advised to remain calm as the situation is only temporary and water supply will be restored in due time, especially to high level areas.

JKR also pledged its commitment to increasing the water supply and improving the situation by carrying out relevant works. Residents of Kampong Subok can obtain clean water from blue tanks that have been dispatched to Kampong Belimbing Subok Mosque. In the meantime, JKR said, residents in the area should use water sparingly. To receive tanker services for water or lodge a report on water supply issues, residents can contact Darussalam Hotline at 123.