Unkempt vegetation in public spaces spells trouble

Kudos to the authorities for keeping us from harm’s way by netting wild animals roaming residential areas and campaigning for measures against inviting crocodiles and snakes from encroaching on our compounds.

However, while urging the public to mow their lawn regularly is a good call, are the authorities heeding their own advice and do the same in public spaces in residential and commercial areas?

Not only are these unkempt trees and bushes an eyesore, they also attract wild animals such as snakes and monitor lizards treating it as a hiding spot. I was once in a commercial area when I saw a huge black snake moving from a drain to the overgrown vegetation. Topped with the countless times of seeing monitor lizards cross the road in residential areas, I believe it’s the duty of the authorities to keep us safe.

I understand that it takes a whole-of-nation approach to keeping the country clean and well-maintained. And I do applaud the authorities for their tireless efforts in fining people for littering in public areas. But I believe these efforts should be extended to public safety by ensuring that the grass is trimmed regularly to keep wild animals calling it home.