Uniting communities, shaping future through sports

James Kon

Sports have the power to inspire communities and shape a better future, according to Head of Brunei Basketball Association Score Bench Ruby Ang.

Ruby attended the UNESCO FunShop on Sports and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Seoul, South Korea recently.

“Sports have the power to inspire and unite communities. The FunShop also highlighted the concerns of the Sustainable Development Goals and how to use sports to give impact and share awareness. This gives us a platform to discuss further about the global issues, and how us youth can add our ideas to help,” she told the Bulletin.

The event, which demonstrated the power of sport to shape a better future, gathered 70 youth activists from 28 countries across the Asia-Pacific to share stories on their work and their determination.

Through structured exchanges as well as capacity-building modules by experienced facilitators, participants gained a deeper understanding of the role that sport can play in achieving specific SDG targets. Following the established practices, FunShop was designed to combine the fun spirit of sport with the intensive learning environment of a workshop.

Head of Brunei Basketball Association Score Bench Ruby Ang with participants from Asia-Pacific countries at the programme’s event in Seoul, South Korea. PHOTO: BRUNEI BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION

Ruby Ang hopes to share her knowledge gained from the event with the local community such as to design a quality social-impact programme, how sports can prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), real youth empowerment, social inclusion and climate change adaption.

Youth are invited to join UNESCO’s Youth and Sport Task Force – a collective of creative, passionate and innovative young leaders across Asia and the Pacific who use sport as a tool for positive social change in their communities.

The young leaders will be able to use sport to make a difference: empower young women and girls, promote tolerance, counter extremism, reach out to the vulnerable and marginalised, educate about the environment, promote the values of respect, empathy, and fairness and more.

Following the success of the programme, Ruby Ang is aiming to join over 60 young leaders from across ASEAN Member States and Norway to attend the Youth Leadership Workshop, ASEAN Sport for Development, Peace and Leadership in Bangkok, Thailand from November 17-23.