UNISSA inks MoU with Indonesian university

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

UNIVERSITI Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) yesterday hosted a delegation from the Tazkia University College of Islamic Economics (STEI Takzia) in Bogor, Indonesia.

The visit was also marked with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both universities.

UNISSA was represented by its Rector Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal, while STEI Tazkia was represented by its Rector Dr Murniati Mukhlisin.

The signing took place in the presence of Arko Hananto Budiadi, the Deputy Chief of Mission/Minister at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia; and Dr Arman bin Haji Asmad, the Acting Deputy Rector at UNISSA.

Prior to that, the visiting officials were welcomed by Dr Haji Norarfan who expressed his hope that the MoU signing would be a positive step towards mutual cooperation, particularly in the field of expertise available in both universities.

Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali Rector Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal and STEI Tazkia Rector Dr Murniati Mukhlisin in a group photo. – UNISSA

He also said that UNISSA was open to ideas in terms of establishing strategic ties and providing education for the sake of nation-building.

Dr Arman, in his capacity as head of the STEI Takzia delegation, responded by saying that their visit to UNISSA was within the scope of cooperation in conducting activities related to Islamic economy.

“As the first economy and Islamic business education board in Indonesia, STEI Tazkia is confident that the economic system driven by the laws and provisions of Allah the Almighty is able to justify the prosperity of the community; and as the name Tazkia implies, STEI makes efforts towards generating a purified economic growth,” he said.

The collaboration between UNISSA and STEI Tazkia is hoped to further strengthen efforts in educating and producing generations of Muslims who possess a keen sense of competition and commitment in the field of Islamic economy.