For the ultimate grilled cheese, use both stovetop and oven

Elizabeth Karmel

AP – Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, an adult treat that harkens back to childhood. I never met a grilled cheese sandwich I didn’t like.

Recently, I have mashed up the best grilled cheese sandwiches of my memory to come up with the ultimate grilled cheese recipe. I use a sturdy white bread. I use one slice of American cheese on each side to hold everything together and then add a thick slice of whatever cheese I have on hand. I used to butter the bread and try to “grill” the sandwich on the stovetop in a non-stick skillet. I put a small bit of butter in the pan. Once it was melted, I swirled the bread in the butter, adding a thin coat to one side of the bread.

I removed one piece of bread, stacked the cheese on the other, and then topped it with the first slice — butter-side out. Don’t turn the heat higher than medium. I let the sandwich toast for one-two minutes, or until it’s crisp and lightly brown.

Next, I pop the sandwich and non-stick skillet into a preheated oven for two-four minutes. This lets the cheese melt completely without the bread burning. Remove it from the heat, and slice on a plate or cutting board. You will have a super melty, gloriously brown and crispy grilled cheese sandwich with a buttery but not greasy crust.

A grilled cheese sandwich. PHOTO: AP