Ugandan President reported leading in early election results

KAMPALA, UGANDA (AP) – Uganda’s electoral commission said yesterday that President Yoweri Museveni led in Thursday’s election with results in from 29 per cent of polling stations, receiving 63 per cent of ballots while top opposition candidate Bobi Wine had 28 per cent. Final results are expected today.

Wine, a popular singer-turned-lawmaker half the President’s age, alleges that the vote in the East African country was rigged. “Whatever is being declared is a total sham,” he told reporters, while there was a heavy police presence near his home.

The electoral commission said the burden is on him to prove his allegations. Wine said he would provide evidence of pre-ticked ballots and other irregularities once Internet access in Uganda is restored.

“We secured a comfortable victory,” Wine told reporters. “I am very confident that we defeated the dictator by far.” He was considering “peaceful and non-violent protests” over the declared results and said “every legal option is on the table”.

Candidates can challenge election results at the Supreme Court.

Uganda’s leading opposition challenger Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi in a press conference after casting their votes in Kampala, Uganda. PHOTO: AP

Uganda’s largely peaceful vote followed a violent campaign period in which Wine was arrested multiple times on various charges, but never convicted, and saw dozens of his party members detained. He has said he feared for his life.

The electoral commission said Museveni had 1.8 million votes so far while Wine had more than 820,000.

It noted three million votes so far, or 16 per cent of registered voters.

Internet access remained cut in Uganda after the government ordered it on Wednesday evening, but the electoral commission asserted that it will have no effect on the process.