UBD students discuss academic experiences amid COVID-19

The International and Comparative Education (ICE) Research Group at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) held a special all-student panel discussion, part of its ‘COVID-19, Society, and Education’ seminar series, at the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education (SHBIE) on September 29.

UBD students shared experiences, ideas, recommendations and initiatives regarding online and blended teaching and learning, study-work-life issues, and how a strong sense of community could be nurtured and supported on all levels of policymaking, conceptualisation, service, and practice.

Ten UBD undergraduate and postgraduate students joined the event as student panellists: Aaidha Hammad, Cavell Sim Kah Seng, Dayangku Nur Diyana Safwanah binti Pengiran Mohd Daud, Farhana Haque, Harris Abdul Aziz Azmain, Hajah Fathiin Najihah binti Haji Mohd Rozaini, Ibrahim Kabir, Muhammad Adil Iqbal, Sinil Lee, and Yasmin Nasitah Abdullah Mohd Firdaus.

The audience also shared their experiences of undertaking teaching, learning and researching at the height of COVID-19 as well as at present.

The panel was accompanied by a monologue, COVID-19 & Me, by the UBD Performing Arts Club and a poem recital titled COVID-19 and My Inescapability by Farhana Haque, an international student from Bangladesh. Both performances reflected learners’ experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak and the prospects beyond the pandemic.

The panel ended with a certificate presentation by Director of the ICE Research Group Senior Professor Dr Phan Le-Ha and Deputy Director of the ICE Research Group and Director of the Language Centre at UBD Dr Yabit Alas.

The panel was organised by Dr Najib Noorashid and Varissa Mae, and was hosted by Dr Liam C Kelley and Dr Chester Keasbury, who are core ICE members.

Since the beginning of the new semester in August, the ICE Research Group has been running weekly seminars and workshops with the theme ‘COVID-19, Society, and Education’.

The series discussed ongoing issues of societal infrastructures and technological access in education, pedagogical challenges and innovations, teachers’ and students’ experiences, institutional responses and support to teaching and learning, and the impacts on research and internationalisation amid the outbreak in Brunei Darussalam.